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Berserk 2017 Proclaimed Omens Review

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Yet another week has gone by, so of course the horror of Berserk 2017 is again upon us. In case you missed the last reviews, check them out-


The story is rushed, there is not much nuance or real growth to it at all. The relationships are barely there at all at this point. The series feels like a drwn out Naruto clipshow where they show you action a lot to try and keep you interested. There is actually very little to say about the story without getting into comparisons with the games, or the manga of which all are based.


Art and Sound

There was one moment of good animation for Serpico. The rest, well it was laughable. I mean that literally, some parts had me laughing pretty hard at how awkward a certain new thing looked. Of course the action throughout the rest was..Honestly painful, just look at this gif-

To put it simply, the team making this needed more time and help to do Berserk Justice. I feel it is extremely rushed and under budgeted. It is sad really.

HAI YO. Hai yo needs to go away for a while. It is over used. like all the time, it’s as if they only had a few songs made for the series and are forced to reuse them. Thanks to this we have much of the music playing when it really shouldn’t be. This is of course really awkward and pretty annoying. To top off that, the voice acting isn’t really in sync with the mouth movements.

In the end

The show is plain rushed. From the animation to the pacing of the story it all feels rushed. I honestly think the content we have now should have been 6 more episodes long. This likely would have fixed the issues of the shows horrid pacing.

Berserk 2017 is a series, that will make a great example of poor development of animation for the future. At this point we can only hope that some day we get a remake that takes its time.