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Berserk 2017 Episode 1 & 2 Review: Winters Journey/ Rent World

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It has been a while since we last reviewed the end of the Berserk 2016 series.  The season was jarring and awkward, but started to turn into something decent toward the end. Now with Berserk 2017 having released its first two episodes. So of course, here is the review-


In the 2016 anime, the visuals were constantly filled with terrible CG that was honestly painful. This time around, the CG is still there. Though it is far less awkward and the characters look more like themselves. There of course were moments where I was distracted by the odd CG models , but they were far less frequent.

Alongside the odd CG moments we do get a lot more hand drawn animation this time around. With this we are also shown some amazing scenes which look spectacular.While these scenes are not through out the entire episodes, they are very much welcome. Though it is important to note that they do waste some hand animation on the more sexual moments again. Which is strange.

The action(Non sexual) in this season has improved drastically. There is a fight in the episodes that is for the most part very well done. With one part of it being a bit awkward and seeming somewhat sped up. Besides that awkward part the action was really fun to watch.

Seeing these two episodes gives me hope for the upcoming episodes. If they keep up with improving the visuals we may end up in getting a good looking series by the time of the end.



The sound I am honestly conflicted on, while there was some spotty voice work, for the most part it was decent. Guts has improved drastically, and Serpico and Farnese are both decent in their roles. The characters such as Puck and Erica are pretty awkward sadly. Though they are not very important so it isn’t a large problem. It is important to note, that the narrator of the series is incredibly boring and awkward to listen too. Which is sad.

In regards to music, it was very mixed. At one time, something oddly Jazz like came in. This made no sense, and felt awkward. For the most part the music was decent though. Some of the music actually was very well done, but time will tell if they use the better tunes more often.

Overall the music is an improvement over the last season, though the awkward moments do still come in. As time goes on, we can only hope the music will improve.

Story and Direction-

Lucky for us, Berserk 2017 is far superior to its 2016 counterpart. The direction is much smoother and natural feeling than what I had expected. While some of the content from the manga was cut, it never felt too unnatural.

The main issue with the directing is the awkward gag moments. This as with many other series is incredibly awkward and disrupts the series mood and visual continuity. While these gags are in the manga, they are not nearly as awkward in Manga form as they are in Anime. Every one of them is rather unwelcome.

Overall, I really did enjoy the story it told in this. While it is not perfect and focuses on the sexual moments too much; it still manages to tell the strange and tragic story of Berserk.

After All Is Said And Done-

After watching the first two episodes, I have to say I honestly did enjoy them. The direction is massively improved from the previous season, with the visuals also being far less awkward. While the series is not perfect, it continues to get better as it goes. All I can do is hope it continues to become better.

You can watch Berserk 2017 on CrunchyRoll here. Expect more reviews soon.