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Berserk 2017 The Arcana of Invocation Review

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Last weeks episode wasn’t the best. Luckily for us this weeks episode of Berserk 2017 is far superior, in every way. Check out the review below-

Here are the previous reviews if you missed them-


This week we finally get into a part I have been waiting to see for a long time. Much to my surprise I was not disappointed.  With the exception of a few annoying gag moments interrupting some awesome moments this episode was pretty dang awesome. The pacing moves a long pretty quickly, yet it still takes some moments slow. Through the episode it never gets to feel too awkward, but instead maintains a good pace throughout.

As a whole this episode was pretty well handled, which of course is nice.


While some of last weeks visual issues persist, mainly the single troll problem. It is largely fixed  by the inclusion of other creatures. While they don’t look particularly amazing, they were used in a far better manner which showed their flaws far less. All that said this episode had some amazing looking moments. The action was pretty well handled as well, which was nice.

My main issue is once again the gags, they just are out of place and awkwardly done. Out side of that The CG has improved and we can hope it keeps doing so.


Moo Moo Douchebags

Ok, for sound I will make this quick. The voice acting was pretty standard,  Hai Yo of course came in and was awesome. The awkward thing was the new monster. It made moo noises like a cow. It was odd.



This episode might actually be one of the best of the new series. While that might not being saying a whole lot, I really did enjoy it. A lot of it actually felt like Berserk to me. Which is kind of sad in a way. But hey, at least this one was pretty awesome. We can only hope Berserk 2017 stays on this path.