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Berserk 2017 The Berserker Armor And Recollections of the Witch

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Ok, this week will be two Berserk 2017 episodes in one for the review. The first being of course The Berserker Armor and the second being Recollections of the Witch. The later episode will be largely ignored as it is just a recap episode.

Here are the previous reviews if you missed them-


Ok this is hard to get at, because honestly this weeks visuals were so bad that it made it hard to focus. In terms of pacing, I guess it was perfectly fine, nothing amazing. But it didn’t really feel far too awkward.

It is an important part of the story, so it would have been nice if it felt more urgent or dramatic. But that didn’t happen this time around. But hey, there is another episode coming up so maybe it will pick up the slack. At least we can hope.

The second episode is a recap. A boring one.


The visuals are awful. Like some of the worst I have seen for a show. The episodes CG makes the other episodes look like gold in comparison.I mean, this is so bad it is hard to even describe. SO I will share some other peoples thoughts and pictures. Enjoy…

But there is some awesome. The last three or four minutes have some awesome moments and visuals to match, the music kicks in perfectly at that moment as well. While it doesn’t make up for the horrid early  visuals it was still nice to see some elements of horror in the episodes.


The weeks were pretty horrid. The end of the episode was decent, but the rest was horrifyingly ugly. Even for Berserk 2017 this one was bad. I am not sure what they were thinking by killing this ones budget so much. I mean, it is so ugly it looks worst than many fan animations I have seen. All we can do is hope that the next Real non recap episode doesnt suck like this.