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Berserk 2017 Episode 3 Review : Banner of the Flying Sword

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So, here we are a day late with this review. But that’s ok! It is here now! So let us begin Sidearcs review of Berserk 2017 Episode 3. First, you can view last weeks episode review here.


This weeks episode has a much larger amount of CG than the previous episodes. With that of course the episode is quite a bit more awkward looking. In particular I’d say peoples surprised expressions are the most awkward. Sometimes this takes you out of the show, but for the most part it is at least watchable.

The most prominent issue of this episode is they use still frame like moments. I am unsure as to why they did this, whether to hearken back to the original anime or for Budget reasons. In the end it is just strange though. The entire episode is not entirely awkward. Some of the scenes do look good, and there is some fantastic looking hand drawn scenes. But sadly they are not as common as I’d like.


There is not much to say about sound for this episode. None of the music stood out to me, and no particularity great or bad Voice acting moments.


Again this week, he direction has improved. Though it is important to note that the director seems to be experimenting with angles and such things.  While this is not a horrible thing, it can be pretty strange at times.

For the most part though, the episode is enjoyable. Though it does skip over some parts from the manga that should have been kept around.

In The End-

After all is said and done, Berserk 2017’s third episode was pretty fun to watch. The visuals were a bit messy and awkward, but the good story telling and fantastic base story manage to make it pretty enjoyable. As usual we can only hope it keeps on getting better.