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Aerith From The Final Fantasy VII Remake Gains Minor Controversy

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Last week at the Sonys State of Play, Square Enix dropped an amazing teaser trailer for Final Fantasy VII. In this trailer we got our first real look at the beloved Aerith.

With this the internet blew up, every game sites comment sections lit up with love for the character. Many even declaring her the most beautiful woman they had ever seen. You can literally go to any article and find tons of praise for her new design. Even in other languages people are doing the same. (Italian for example)

But alas, not all were happy, a small but vocal group in Japan was angered. The reason being, Aerith looked her age. Aerith in Final Fantasy VII is 22. She is an adult. But for some reason this little group wants her to look more like a child. It is strange and their proposed changes make her look uncomfortably odd. Below  you see their wanted changes. Their version on the right.

aerith west vs east

As you can see, it does not look good at all.  Not only is it not proportioned correctly it also makes her look younger than she ever has. She even looks younger than she did in Crisis Core when she was only 16.  Of course, with their proposed redesign there was tons of horrid comments full of simply insane levels of delusion and even racism. Many of the comments focus on the fact she looks too western for their taste, or she looks like an ‘auntie’. With some even saying she looks like a Gorilla.

This of course has started to spread, as the western gamers found these insane complaints they too started to complain, but not about her design but about the Japanese group themselves.

Below you can find just a few areas of complaint against the group.

Reddit 12

Youtube 1- 2– I would recommend watching these as they shed some light on the comments that have been made by the fans.

As you can see, the love from the west is immense. Many even noting that nowhere near all the Japanese groups are negative either. In all truth many of this small group simply seem to be fuled by racism and should best be ignored. Though sadly we will no doubt have to hear more from this as more characters are revealed.