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Berserk 2017 Episode Four Forest of Demonic Beasts Review

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Another week, another Berserk 2017 episode to review. So here we go, don’t forget to check out the last weeks reviews as well-


The story this week is pretty light, kind of a showing of the next arc starting. So not much to talk about here beyond direction.

In regards to the story direction, it once again has that awkward humor rammed in. This can be pretty jarring as it is really off putting from the usual tone the series uses. It would be better if the gags were perhaps more subtle and less over the top.


As for the usual this weeks episode of Berserk 2017 has some awkward visuals. The CG beards still look super freaky and weird, and the expressions lack the life of hand drawn animation. That said the camera work and action is improving quite a bit. Especially when you consider the horrible camera in the first season.

The main issue of this weeks episode is again the gags. They break the visual continuity strongly and are pretty annoying a lot of the time.


This week there is very little to note for the sound. There was some great music to add to the mystical themes appearing within the episode. Beyond that the only thing worth noting is the new characters voice, which is actually a pretty decent casting. But that said we have heard little from her so far.


Honestly this episode is just a mood setter for what should be an amazing arc. Not too much happened and it actually is pretty important. But there is not much to be said of it. Like the previous episodes this one has some issues, but it still manages to be pretty entertaining. Hopefully next week kicks up the excitement a bit more.

You can watch the fourth episode of Berserk 2017 here.