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Berserk 2017: Spirit Realm Review, a Hint of Things To Come

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Last weeks episode of Berserk 2017 had Guts and Co arrive at a new place, this week we finally get to see hints of what is to come.  Check out the review below, and don’t forget to check out the previous reviews too.


The story in this episode is again largely setup. It is nice that this season is taking time to do this. Since this arc is set to explode very soon, the contrasting pace should work nicely. In terms of actual plot progression, there is some important aspects in this episode. For the most part these moments are actually handled well.

It is also important to note that this episode has a good degree of foreshadowing. So watch out for that.


Guts making his Moe debut.

As usual Berserk 2017 is not amazing looking. The CG hampers what could have been an amazing looking show. Like many other episodes, this one also waste a lot of the hand animation on parts for fan service. Which sucks, I would prefer they save those for important moments to make them look good. Instead we will likely be stuck with the awkward CG for them instead.

All that said there is some very pretty moments in this episode, in particular when they gang gets some new gear. Of course the gags are still there as well and still manage to be awkward.


Really there is very little to mention since there was not much happening this episode. Only two things come to mind, one being the sound of Serpicos new weapon. The sound was actually rather cool.

The only other thing that comes to mind is Cascas awkward voice acing. It is just strange. Other than that, the episode is mostly your standard Berserk 2017 fare.

In The End

After watching it, I felt a little odd. Almost as if nothing had happened. Some stuff did happen for sure, but this episode just seemed to breeze by a bit too quickly. I did enjoy most of it, but I still wish it was handled a bit better.

All in all, it was an ok episode that serves well as a bridge to something more exciting.

You can watch the episode here.