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Berserk 2017 Fight for Survival Against the Demonic Legion

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Berserk 2017 has been building up to this event for the past few weeks. Sadly though, the wait was not worth it. Check out the review below and find the last weeks reviews below-


Awkward gags break up the shows atmosphere.

This weeks episode should have been wonderful. The previous weeks spent all their time building up to this. Sadly the payoff was nowhere near worth it. The direction this episode was awkward, with pacing to match.

The episode felt pretty sloppy and lopsided. Which is sad as the episodes preceding had gave me hope that they were going to put more effort into this. Instead, the event in the episode that should be dramatic and frightening comes off as silly and strange.

The Visuals-

Be prepared to see this exact troll. Over and over.

Berserk 2017 is not a pretty show, and this episode wants to remind you of that. The lip-syncing is horrid this episode. It’s almost as if they just did it all in one day. The mouth flaps for the Cg models are just weird looking on top of that.

The awkward  CG is widely used still, despite the important events that are happening. To make this worst, the hand drawn animation is nothing to brag about either. The hand drawn animation is mostly used for annoying gags that break the shows already lackluster visual continuity. These gags are purely annoying at this point and come off as forced.

On top of all this the action is pretty poorly handled too. This is particularly annoying as the series is using CG, which means the action should be amazing. But of course it is not.

The Sound-

As always with the sounds we get a mixed bag, lots of awkward voice acting from Casca and the faeries. Outside that we have the usual forgetable music and the random inclusion of Hai Yo.

There really is not much to talk about in regards to sound.

After All is Said and Done-

After watching the episode I felt majorly let down. I was expecting at least some cool action, but there really wasn’t much of anything. Berserk 2017 reaches its current peak of awkward with this episode. There is very little positive to say this week, which is sad.