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Berserk 2017 A Journey Begins in Flames Review

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So, last weeks episode of Berserk 2017 was rather awful. Sadly This episode seems to want to continue that trend, but not all is lost. Amidst the pain and suffering of Berserk 2017 is some joy. Check out the review below-

In case you missed any other weeks-

Story, art and sound. A strange mess-

Got to get straight to the point here, the visuals in the series are so bad that it has actually began to effect the story. An example. some of the Apostles are supposed to be horrifying, or in other cases intimidating. Instead they looks rather silly. Some to the point of actually making you laugh. This problem is a pretty big one actually, it completely ruins what should be awesome moments by making them funny, but not in a good way.

The story and direction are not that bad in this series. But when you add the bad animation and pretty bad sound design with it. Well, it becomes an honest mess. What makes this all worst is at the end of the episode we were showed a glimpse of what the show should look like. We had a wonderful scene featuring Laban, and it looked great. That is till one of the models that isn’t even cel-shaded came in and messed up the entire scene. This shows the team has talent, but for some reason we do not get to see it used enough.

It is honestly a shame that the series has these issues. As I watch the series I cannot help but think the team making it is understaffed and under budgeted. It is sad to see honestly. The series has such potential,  and there are some very talented people on the team. But the series is rushed, and not gave a good budget to work with so there is only so much that can be done. At least the endcap pictures are wonderful.

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