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Noctis Joins Final Fantasy Dissidia NT

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Well, he isnt in the whole trailer. But in the video below you can see Noctis come in and join the fight in Final Fantasy Dissidia NT. Final Fantasy Dissidia is set to release on the PlayStation 4 on January 11th for the Japanese. While the North Americans and Europeans lag behind with a January 30th release.

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Final Fantasy IX To Be Released On PlayStation 4

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During Sonys Tokyo Game Show presentation Square Enix showed that Final Fantasy IX will be coming to the PLayStation 4. Alongside the game they showed off a very nice theme. The game is set to release today for Japan. No word on other countries as of yet. We will add updates as we find out […]

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Youdraw Resurrection Results!

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Alright, this Youdraw is done and out! Below you can view the results of the Resurrection Youdraw. Here were this Youdraws Rules, for those interested.  This Months You draw will be Games you want Reinvigorated or resurrected. So basically, if a franchise is dead and you want it back. Well, that works. Or if a […]

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FINAL FANTASY XV: Assassin’s Festival

Well, this is strange.

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Square Enix revealed the FINAL FANTASY XV: Assassin’s Festival trailer. This odd thing is a cross over with Assassins creed. I know random, but hey it pays the bills. The trailer shows there is some degree of story running alongside the Horrid advertising.  Check out the trailer- Below you can read Squares  given information- “An all-new […]

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Dragon Ball Fighter Z Fighter Gets a New Trailer

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Dragon Ball Fighter Z has gotten a new trailer just for Gamescom. The trailer shows off some of the recently announced characters . The game looks even better than before, which is pretty impressive. Check out the trailer, after the trailer you can go below and see the newly announced limited edition and the release […]

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