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Berserk(2016) Episode 3 Review

For those who hate themselves.

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Wow, where do I even start with this. Well, the first episode of the new Berserk was bad, the second one was ok.But this, this is another thing entirely. If you missed the first episode review, click here. If you missed the Second episode review, click here.

The Story.

Sadly the story is horrible in this episode, it serves to only damage the series to a large extent. No matter how good the rest of the series is, this will haunt it forever.

To start the episode is awkwardly directed, and full of stupid moments that make no sense. Like why is Serpico just sitting thinking when Farnese is captured? Did he decide not to care, or was his explanation just needed so bad he had to sit and tell us? However you put it, it is dumb and nonsensical.

Outside of the random events the whole story here is random and not part of the manga. Which I thank God for because this was plain stupid. So in other words, this is filler of the worst kind. I say that as someone who can actually enjoy filler quite a lot.

They also changed a lot of things from the manga as well, in particular they made Serpico less scary which is sad as this was the first real glimpse of how terrifying he is.Then of course they added more Sir.RapeHorse, made it more perverted even. None of the changes were positive, the were all bad.

It really seems like whoever planned this is a pervert, the blunt of the 2D scenes are the ones that include some sort of sexual moment. It is creepy and a waste of our time. They really should have used those for the action, which is pathetic in this series.

Another lame thing they did was they stole elements from the Snake Barons Arc in here. Doing this felt out of place and awkward.

There was one good part of the Entire episode. The epilogue talking about the White Hawk, it was a tad awkward but it at least was enjoyable. But none the less, the rest is to much  a mess for it to matter.

The Animation.

Episode two made a few improvements over the first episode, the trend died. This episode drops the ball. The animation is literally hard to watch at times. I have watched some ugly shows. But this, this is beyond bad. The shoehorned CG, the Horrid 2D animation, the lack of any interesting angles or shots. Everything in this episode is a visual mess.

I mean, where do I start? I think I will start with with the bouncy walks. So, basically it doesn’t look like people are walking, it looks like they are bouncing or are just being slid around the screen. It is bad.Just to make it more awkward the use horrible camera angles and don’t utilize the 3D in a good way at all.

berserk 2016 ugly
One of the only good shots of the episode.

Now, let us get to the monsters of this episode, and I don’t mean the directors. There are a few possessed creatures in this episode, the hounds…And of Course, Sir.RapeHorse who makes his Silver Screen Debut. In the manga Sir.RapeHorse scared the crap out of people and disturbed people, he was kinda funny in how horrible he was. But in this, no horror. Just hilariously bad and awkward. It feels so pointless. In the manga it at least portrayed how messed up the world is. In here, just felt like a reason to show demon horse tongue lick boobs. Seriously, that is what it did.

Special Bullet round!

  • 2d Awkward Photoshop Blood splashes in front of screen with Farnese looking shocked.
  • Dogs Look to similar.
  • 2D animation looks super random.
  • Random Choppy animation.
  • Yet another deformed guy who is just plain beyond ugly.
  • The Most hideous out of place CG trash Apostle I could ever imagine. Seriously it looks like it was taken from a crappy CG movie from and early 2000  budget game title. One that people hated. I mean dear lord, was there no one who spoke up about how bad this looked? Do they even care?
  • Awkward shots seem to be framed to make sure boobs are in the frame.
  • Spirits look like dorks.
  • Credits Roll over a really important part of the episode. Was the creative team drunk?
  • Shadows are awkward and look messy.
  • Didn’t look or feel like Berserk.

I could really go on for quite a while and talk about how bad it was, but hey. I don’t want to, it is just not even fun to complain about it. Have some pictures instead.


The Sound.

The DragonSlayer is a huge sword, roughly in the 6-7  feet area, so large and thick it can rip through trees with it’s horrible mass. In this series it sounds like a frying pan being dropped on the ground. This is horribly distracting, and awkward. There is no way it could sound like that, heck a normal sword doesn’t. It is like they put no effort into the sound effects at all.

That is just the beginning though, dont forget that Rape Horse is here guys. Dear lord is it bad. Watching is awkward, not only in terms of animation, but the sounds. It sounds like some sort of horrible special needs impersonation. Honestly I am not sure if they were going for that, but well it was bad. I can’t even convey how bad it was, how incredibly stupid and terrible.

On top of Sir.RapeHorse  and pan noises, the music returns to the high pitch sloppy mess of Episode 1. It is forgettable beyond how annoying it was. The voice work also continued to be awkward, with much of it not matching the mouth flaps.

In the end the sounds is an abomination. Literally nothing beyond the trailer song was done well . Sad really.I expect creepy and great soundwork from Berserk. Not this cheesy mess.

The Pain.(Over-All)

Basically the entire episode till the epilogue was not worth making, the epilogue gave me hope for this Berserk series. However my memories of this mess remind me to let my hopes die. All the way to the end there was nothing good worth really mentioning. The animation is utter garbage, the sound is horrible and the direction is just as bad. It pains me to say it, but Berserk should have stayed in rest and waited longer till a willing and worthy team came upon it.

If you want a good Dark Fantasy, this is not what you are looking for. This is bad. Berserk, deserves better.

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