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YouDraw: Most Anticipated Result Page!

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So here we are, a few months into the new year.  This Youdraw marks the beginning of the second season of Youdraws and the first of the year! For you who don’t know, YouDraws are where are community comes together to draw a character, or something from a them. This episode was ‘Most anticipated’. Below […]

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Game Of The Year and the Best of 2016

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2016 is finally over. So of course with all the amazing things that we received this year, our community came up with the best of everything the year had to offer. Go down below to check it out. Games Best Fighter–Dragon Ball Xenoverse Best Soundtrack– Final Fantasy XV Best Mobile- Pokemon Moon Best Multiplayer shooter–Titanfall/Overwatch […]

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Sidearcs New Year Give Away.

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So here we are, a new year is right around the corner. So with this, I thought to myself what is the best way to celebrate? Then it came to me, it had to be a giveaway! Unlike your standard giveaways,I want this one to be fun but simple. So check out how to get the […]

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Best of The Year Vote

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Ok, so the year is coming to an end. With that of course comes your usual Game of the Year type things. So here’s the thing, we arent doing your usual every day vote. We will actually be considering peoples reasons for why the game/anime/movie is the best of the year. What you need to […]

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This Small VR Game Might Have Made The Biggest Impression On Me

"It's socialising online but it feels like real world socialising"

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You may not have heard the name Sports Bar VR Hangout before and that’s understandable. Sports Bar VR is a game I only noticed after receiving a PSN gift voucher and buying Doom and Headmaster, leaving me with an awkward amount of money left over that I wanted to get rid of. That’s when Sports […]

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A Christmas YouDraw

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This special Christmas You draw is in! Just down below you can view our festive entries! Thanks for stopping by, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ! Feel Inspired to draw one? Feel free to add it in the comments below- In case you missed the Other Episodes- Episode 1-Hank Hill Episode 2-Yuno Gasai Episode 3-Zodd The […]

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