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Post Your Hunter: Monster Hunter World

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Monster Hunter World seems to be taking our world by storm. With a giant share of our gaming community  out there playing the game, I thought now would be a good time to make a place to share our Hunters and Gamertags/Profile names so people can join up with others or just brag about their […]

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Nintendo announces “Nintendo Labo”

Exciting new product line or short lived gimmick?

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    Today Nintendo announced a new product line of “interactive build-and-play experiences” by way of their YouTube channel. It launches April 20th, 2018 with two box sets. A “Variety Kit” at $69.99 and “Robot Kit” for S79.99. More info can be found at Nintendo Labo. It is to be primarily marketed to kids and “kids-at-heart”. […]

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The World Ends With You Reemerges at Long Last

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The World Ends With You is a deeply loved game. It has a hugely loyal fanbase that has not diminished since the games long past release. For too long the game lay  dormant with nothing but some mobile ports and small words. But now, now The World Ends With You  is coming back. Though only as […]

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