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Fan-Made Twilight Princess Mod Looks Better Than the Official Re-Release Version

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In the modern era of Consoles “HD” re-releases of games are now a common thing. Most the re-releases have a decent or at least passable amount of work done with them, and the visuals are usually decently improved. But with some, the game makes almost no improvement and instead we are gave a poorly done port that is just there to take your money.

Sadly the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess is of the later group, it is not often I am annoyed by a poor port job of an older game, but with this one I am. Being a huge Zelda fan, seeing this HD re-release having so little effort put into it really just bothers me, even more so after seeing the great job that was applied to the Wind Waker.

But in the midst of this dark event is a light, a glorious beacon of HD hope! That hope comes from Tomoya Hamasaki. If you head over to their YouTube channel you will find what the re-release of Twilight Princess could have been, or you can just view the video below to get a decent idea of how good the mod looks now!

Tomoya and his team of awesome modders are doing something spectacular, they are going throughout the game and adding new lighting, adding bump maps, specular maps and fixing other issues.They are making the HD Twilight Princess we Deserve. While the mod does take a pretty large amount of artistic liberties it still manages to feel like the original game, just much prettier and a little bit greener. The mod really has made the beautiful Twilight Princess even more gorgeous than before, just watch these gifs below.-

This is a project I truly am happy to see being done, and I can only hope that we are able to get a finished version of this mod for all of us Zelda fans to play.If you want to watch this project don’t forget to follow the YouTube channel and on twitter.

Also, watch the video below for a head to head comparison of the Wii-U HD version and the modded version.