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Berserk ( 2016) Episode 11 Shadows Of Ideas

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Yet again we have a new episode of Berserk. The series up to this point has been disappointing, messy and just painful to watch. But hey, there has been some fun. The last few episodes had some great moments and were actually decent. Will this one continue the trend? Find out below-

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The Story-

mozgusAs usual the story in the series is held back by its lopsided direction. Some scenes and moments are calm, well paced and just well handled. Then later the scenes will be awkward, with strange camera angles and weird cuts to other characters it can be oddly difficult to watch.

These problems do not cripple the story entirely though, thanks to the wonderful underlying story there is still much to enjoy throughout the episode. It seems that the calm scenes is where the show really shines though.

The Visuals-

jerome and isidroAs for the usual with the visuals there are some amazing small clips, but then you are rammed back into the awkward CG scenes. Those I can handle despite them bugging me. What I cannot handle is the unbelievably awkward comedy scenes where peoples faces warp into some freakish gag monster. These scenes kill the visual continuity are just awkward and really are ultimately annoying.
If it were not for those scenes the visuals would be much better. But thanks to these the series takes a significant amount of effort to get into.

A strange problem that still persist from the begining of the series is that the Ghost and monster like creatures just look strange and somewhat goofy. Also, they are all pink or purple for some reason. These weird pink and blobby ghost going around is oddly goofy and actually pretty funny.

Having Berserk be goofy looking is just strange, and really wrong.

The Sounds-

Berserk 2016 GutsAfter eleven episodes, the voice actors are finally getting better at voicing their characters. While Puck still sounds like a strange whiny woman the rest of the main( actually talking ) cast is able to portray their characters well.

But not all is well, the apparitions in the series are still odd sounding with the sound effects being  sub par as well. While these two things are not horrendous by any means they can at times still be a nuisance.

As the new world begins-

With the first twelve episodes coming to an end I can’t help but wonder how they will handle the upcoming events. While this episode did show some promise it still had major issues that needed to be ironed out. The lopsided direction of the series really is causing it damage. Thanks to these awkward gags the series is pretty hard to take seriously. The dramatic moments are taken down to simply feeling awkward and just wrong.

With all that said the last few episodes of Berserk have been enjoyable, even if deeply flawed.

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