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Berserk (2016) Episode 10 Hell’s Angels Review

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Somehow, the new Berserk series has gotten much better. Last weeks episode was far better than the previous. Shall the trend continue? Check out the review below-

The Story As A Spark Of Hope Has Risen

So, after many painfully rushed and poorly directed episodes we are finally getting some decent direction. The pacing wasn’t as bad as previous episodes and the mood while getting broken on occasion stayed more consistent
than previous episodes.

Guts BerserkA Huge problem in the direction is the poorly placed humor. The jokes are out of place and get in the way of what could have been interesting scenes. The jokes are out of place and after they end are completely ignored, pretty much as if they didn’t happen in the first place.

Overall, this episodes story telling was enjoyable. It wasn’t perfect, it had its awkward moments but it still managed to be a decent watch.

The Visuals

The visuals, are bringing even more hand animation than previous episodes. Though the choice of scenes are still a little odd. There are a lot of bad shots in it still, but the horrible camera work is mostly gone with and the direction has calmed down to feel more natural.

The action scenes are pretty decent, not amazing but some parts do look pretty cool. With the action scenes we also do get some great looking set pieces and just some cool effects.
isidroThe main issue with the visuals is the fact that the visual gags ruin the consistency of the visuals. They make some scenes just plain awkward and take you out of the moment. Get rid of these and the show would be much easier to get into.

The Sounds

Thankfully the voice acting has yet again improved this time around. With characters like Mozgus and Skull Knight being here, we get a pretty decent amount of good voice acting. Aside from that we get some pretty interesting new characters with an odd, but fitting voice choice.

The sound effects are much the same as the previous few episodes. A bit repetitive but not too bad.

On the music side of things this episode was by far the best. There are multiple new songs that appear in the episode. These songs are actually used in a good way, and do not feel like some sort of crappy cheese fest.

In the end the overall sound package has greatly improved. It still has a bit of a way to go, but it isn’t so bad anymore. Heck, this one was even good.

After the fire has settled

This episode was the best the series has had. The direction, the sound and some of the visuals are improved drastically. If the series keeps on like this, then maybe the next season will be a must watch.