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Berserk ( 2016) Episode 9 Blood Flow of the Dead Review

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Ah, another Berserk Episode. I’ve reviewed it this far, so might as well keep it going. The past few weeks have shown some pretty decent improvement, it is far from perfect or even good but hey a man can dream right? Check out the review below-


The story picks up pretty much right after the last episode, it actually keeps up a good pacing and moves along nicely. In terms of direction this episode may be the best of the series, it definitly had the fewest moments that made me cringe.

It isn’t perfect and has some awkward bits but it still is much better.Thanks to the better pacing the story moved along at a much more natural pace than before and left on a nice note of the things to come.

The Visuals

The visuals here are mixed as always. The Ghostly apparitions are still kind of goofy and funny to look at and ruin tension that better design could have created. But the use of shadows and some of the camera work does seem to have finally improved. Not always, but in an overarching way it has.

As with previous episodes there are the super awkward shots, but luckily for us they are much rarer this time around. The hand drawn segments are still here, and some look great but others are plain weird looking.

The Sounds

proc_b00168585f7b81b6Luckily Berserk has massively improved in the sound department. While the Dragon Slayers Sound is not perfect it is no longer a Frying Pan. Now it is some sort of sound orgy.

The voice acting is similarly improved as the actors seem to be finding the characters more with each episode. While they are not quite there yet, they are making progress. Mozgus is amazing as always.

In the end

This episode may have been the best of the series thus far. There is plenty of room for improvement,  but the episodes are getting slowly more enjoyable.

Next Time Episode 10

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