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Berserk (2016) Episode 4 Review

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Berserk beastGoing into this episode I had low hopes and luckily they weren’t lowered by this episode. While the episode doesn’t feel like Berserk it is at least somewhat enjoyable. The pacing is better this episode around, and the direction is at least passable. Sadly the episode is held back by plenty of awkward flashbacks and strange cuts. Story wise it is all set up, so we shall see where it goes from there.

So in short, it is better than the last episodes but still not quite where it should be. Now all we can do is wait, and most of all hope that the series picks up and gets better from here.


Mozgus berserkAs usual the visuals are a mess, the majority is pretty bad looking. In particular the hair is atrocious and honestly rather distracting. Lucky for us Godo is here. Godo looks fantastic, that ugly old man looks just like he should and it is a nice change.

Of particular note Mozgus also appeared. Surprisingly he looks pretty good, though his time there was brief.


Sadly the sound in the show is still bad. The voice acting is pretty terrible just about all around. Though Mozgus sounds pretty dang awesome. This honestly surprised me as his character is pretty over the top.

There were a few moments where Guts didn’t sound off but as usual they were rare. Hearing the good voice work of Mozgus did give me some hope that just maybe their voice direction will get better from here.


In the end, this is by far the best episode of the series. While that doesn’t say much , it is nice to see the series making at least some improvement. Especially after how bad the previous ones were. With this episode basically being all set up all we can do is hope the next ones get better and better and maybe lead to something at least worth watching.