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Berserk (2016) Episode 8 Reunion in the Den of Evil Review

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Last weeks Episode of Berserk Showed promise, much of the episode was legitimately enjoyable. While it was deeply flawed as the other parts of the series is actually showed some promise unlike much of the rest of the series. Herein lies the question of if it will continue this trend. Check out the review below-

The Story So Far

So the story here isn’t as rushed, it actually at points feels very drawn out. The thing about this that makes it odd is toward the end it manages to feel like it skipped a lot. The series still manages to feel inconsistent. Almost as if it is being created by multiple groups with no communication with eachother.

After all is said and done though some of the episode was decent. Some was terrible but it had its moments.

The Visuals

This weeks episode had a lot more hand animated sequences. Some of these sequences looked quite great. With this brings a problem, the bad parts are even more painful to watch thanks to the previous scene looking so much better. This even happens with the action scenes, some parts look great then it gets awkward and stiff.

There is also the problem of the comics gags being forced in. Thanks to these the shows lacks visual consistency. Thanks to this it is hard to take the show seriously.

Over all, this episodes visuals are a lot better than the previous weeks episodes. That isn’t to say it was great, but hey at least it is getting better.

The Sound

puckSound in this episode follows along the previous trends with awkward voice acting and some weird musical choices. There isn’t much standout sound moments in this.

Hai Yo is still awesome.

The End Struggle

Oddly enough, I did enjoy moments of this episode. While it wasn’t perfect there are some pretty solid improvements on the shows visuals.  Sadly the directing of the show isn’t up to par yet. With the awkward gags ruining serious moments it is hard to take the story to seriously.

Next weeks episode should be pretty action packed. Lets hope it is done well.

Now to wait and hope once again
Now to wait and hope once again