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Berserk (2016) Episode 7 The Black Witch

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Here we are, another Friday. So of course we have another episode of Berserk. Last weeks episode of Berserk was pretty messy, though some served to entertain the majority was a little sloppy. With that in mind let’s get to the review.

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The Story

As usual the story is messy and fast. The pacing in the show is uneven and awkward. During much of the show you don’t get a chance to breath, there is no level of intesity but rather things continue to feel rushed.

CascaThere isn’t to much good to say about the show as is, there are some good ideas for shots. The thing is, the manage to ruin any good idea they have. Somehow the director is able to make even the simpilist of things seem awkward and stiff.

This weeks episode is finally getting into the action heavy part of the conviction arc. But sadly it doesnt feel like we had any build up for it. Instead it feels like there are some random events happening, the foreshadowing and build up are quite weak. Due to this the fights and everything happening feel slightly disjointed and that sucks. The show should have chained everything together better, it would make things much more intese and intrigueing.

All that being said, some of this episode was significantly better than much of the series we have seen. There was some action that was actually done reletivly well.

The Visuals

Berserk IsidrooOh the visuals, I don’t want to sound like a broken record but hey, that’s what this serious is. As usualy the series’ visuals are a complete mess, scene to scene there is no consistincy. Heck, even in some shots the characters don’t look consistant. As an example, all the background characters are somewhat colorless, like the saturation was drained from all of them. It is painfully awkward and just looks bad.

While the majority of the visuals are horrible there are some decent shots. Though they are quick and far in between and just make the rest of the episdoe more painful to watch. In the end, the visuals are largely better than the previous episodes and the improvment may keep coming if we are lucky.

The Sounds

2016081223505108a The music in this episode was by far the best the season has had. There wasn’t any music that stood out as some cheesefest or anything, and there were some actually interesting tunes in there.

One thing of great note is that the DragonSlayer no Longer sounds like a dang pan. Now the noise sounds more akin to a car crash, wich isn’t so bad.

In the End

After all is said and done the episode was ok. While the end had a pretty good impression the rest was still largely awkward and stiff. Thanks to that ending though the majority of people will likely praise this episode as being better than it actually was.

The episode did show improvement and had some great moments and shows a spark of hope for Berserk fans and watchers alike.

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