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Berserk (2016) Episode 10 Hell’s Angels Review

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Somehow, the new Berserk series has gotten much better. Last weeks episode was far better than the previous. Shall the trend continue? Check out the review below- First Episode -click here.  Second episode-click here. If you’re twisted and want to remember Episode 3 exist.Click here. Fourth Episode  –right here. Fifth Episode- Click on this Sixth […]

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Gantz:0 Gets A New Trailer

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The official GANTZ:O Website uploaded a new trailer for the upcoming CG movie Gantz:O . The trailer shows off some new footage of how everything begins. Below you can see some of the shows staff-   Keiichi Satou-Chief director Yasushi Kawamura- Film Director Tsutomu Kuroiwa – Screenplay Daisuke Ono -Voice of Masaru Katō Digital Frontier is handling production.   […]

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Anime North 2016 Gallery

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Anime North has come and gone again this year in Toronto and we attended the event to take photographs of the amazing work that people put into their cosplays.  Due to hotel problems, most of the images were done on the Saturday since I had limited light Friday by the time I was able to […]

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Watch This: Another Evangelion Reboot

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With all the Evangelion that’s been on my mind lately I started browsing YouTube for random videos of it, and of course out of nowhere this glorious bit of video arrived. Uploaded by user ieJoMaFlo the video is a wonderful parody of the odd rebooting of the series.

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Evangelion: Series Review

God's in his heaven; all's right with the world

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Neon Genesis Evangelion Many years ago I watched Evangelion, I was young and unobservant. Even then I could tell there was a lot going on with the series, now I am older I decided that I and a few others needed to experience this legendary series once again( or for the first time in ones […]

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[Reviews] Dedicated Movie Review: Wolf Children

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This review is dedicated to my longtime best friend–a lover of wolves, a conservationist, and an anime fan. And, very recently, the birthday girl! Director and co-writer Mamoru Hosoda delivers in Wolf Children a gem of an ode to the heartrending challenges and unimaginable joys of parenthood. Hana is a university student who falls in […]

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[Movie Reviews] Dedicated Post: The Wind Rises

A legendary director's cinematic bow could use more detail but honors his legacy well

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(The Sidearc edition of this post is dedicated to a user and friend, @panamapunk, without whom I don’t know I would have ever been motivated to see this film. It was worth it, and hence he is in part to thank for this review and the experiences that built it.) There is more to be […]

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