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The End Of Evangelion: Review

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Neon Genesis Evangelion was a legendary series, with its end many people were left unsatisfied, some of those people were the series creators. In 1997 Evangelion was to get a more robust ending, and that ending was called “The end of Evangelion.

This review was wrote after having just watched the series before-


The End of Evangelion is largely an extremely well  animated movie, that being said this movie will make you cringe at some of its more disturbing scenes. In particular the movie seems to want to rub in the fact that it is no longer on TV and can get away with more “Adult” moments such as extreme gore or nudity, these honestly bothered me as they made the movie feel far to separate from the series and seemed excessive on top of that.

Beyond the odd gratuity the usual religious imagery and awesome “mecha” designs do make a welcome comeback with some of the new inclusions looking rather lame. The show does have some awesome and dang intense fight scenes though,  These sequences are simply  awesome to watch.

If the newfound gratuitousness doesn’t bother you then no doubt you will find the visuals very much pleasing if a bit confusing once the insanity of Evangelion comes back strong. But none the less the movies production values and animation are top notch and worthy of praise, even if the design did not match up.


The end of Evangelion ( series) was a bit out of nowhere and rushed, this movie instead shows what was happening during the complete insanity of the end. While this movie has a lot more to it, it still manages to be a bit of a confusing journey and a bit out of nowhere  despite the small amounts of build up that the series set in place.

The story isn’t a complete mess though, the majority of the movie is pretty coherent and is entertaining.The problem again comes with the ending, it is just not explained enough and leaves to much up to interpretation, this leads many to think that the series is either smarter or dumber than it actually is. 

The odd part is that the lack of actual info gave is what leads to much of the shows lasting love, people still theorize and question everything about the ending. I am personally unsure if that is a good or bad thing, while I do love mystery and being left to figure things out I also want to have enough to actually figure things out with. Evangelion sure does not want to give away its secrets, and that is honestly disappointing after waiting the entire series to get them.

In The End

After having watched the series and then this I honestly had mixed feeling, some of the movie is great while other parts feel kind of messy and rushed. I feel as if the movie would have been better had it just been integrated within the series and not been done separately. Even with that the movie is still enjoyable and a fun thing to watch, though still slightly disappointing as it shared the same type of problems that the original had with some worst designs.

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