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Steins;Gate 0: The Sidearc Review

El Psy Kongroo and the Curious Case of Hououin Kyouma

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Steins;Gate 0 exists on a curious premise. I’d hesitate to call it a sequel, even though it technically takes place after the chronological ending of the first game. Yet it also isn’t a prequel or even a sidequel. A side story might be most accurate for a term but even that would bring about the […]

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Berserk 2016 TV Broadcast vs Blu-Ray Release (NSFW)

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The most recent Berserk series is finally coming to Blu-ray. With its release the shows visuals were instantly criticized for their poor CG. Luckily for us, they are releasing an updated version on Blu-ray! Below you can view the initial tweet the led me to finding this ( Thanks Donkey4). After that you can see […]

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Descent Into October #7-10

Enough with the genital mutilation!

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Sorry about the long delay my lovelies! I’ve been working 7 days a week for the past month so finding the time to write has been a little difficult. Nevertheless, I want to share my further Halloween experiences! Last Friday, October 7th I mixed it up a little and the fiance and I downloaded the […]

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Persona 4 : Golden Review A Look Back At The Classic

Re-reviewing my love for a modern JRPG classic

| Categories: Anime, Featured Posts, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Retro, review, SideArc, Video Games | 26 Comments »

Welcome back In case you hadn’t heard, Persona 5 has had the best opening week for the series in Japan, and is coming out soon in the West. At least if you consider February to be soon. Even though this is a few months away for most of us, this seemed like a great time […]

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Berserk ( 2016) Episode 11 Shadows Of Ideas

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Yet again we have a new episode of Berserk. The series up to this point has been disappointing, messy and just painful to watch. But hey, there has been some fun. The last few episodes had some great moments and were actually decent. Will this one continue the trend? Find out below- Previous Reviews- First […]

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Berserk Warriors Game Gets Zodd Gameplay, Finally

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Koei Tecmo released a new gameplay videos for its upcoming Berserk Warriors game. The video is of the super epic beast Nosferatu Zodd, or Zodd the Immortal if you prefer .  Berserk releases on the PlayStation 4 physically, and PS Vita and PC  digitally in North America and Europe later this fall.

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Berserk (2016) Episode 10 Hell’s Angels Review

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Somehow, the new Berserk series has gotten much better. Last weeks episode was far better than the previous. Shall the trend continue? Check out the review below- First Episode -click here.  Second episode-click here. If you’re twisted and want to remember Episode 3 exist.Click here. Fourth Episode  –right here. Fifth Episode- Click on this Sixth […]

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