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You Draw Episode 2 Character Poll( Ended)

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Update-The Poll has an official winner, you can view the winner here

After Sidearcs First You-Draw was a pretty awesome success we decided to move on and make another! The thing is, we need to choose a character! And that is where you guys come in. Below you will see a poll, in it you can of course vote for the character you would like to draw most, and of course the winner will be the one everyone draws as well-

If there is a character you want but it wasn’t in the poll, well leave a comment and get votes! Those will be counted too. Below this are the rules of our You draw for those who do not know-


1 The end date will be two Mondays from today.(The date of actual start, not this polls date).
2 You can draw the character in any style or fashion you want.
3 No visible nudity.
4 You do not have to take any more time or expend more effort than would amuse you.
5 As long as you draw the character any other flourishes you want are allowed ,other characters,  an environment whatever seems right.
6 Picture can be full body or just a face or something else if you feel creative.
7 Friends, family, significant others and site guests are welcome to participate.
8 This is not a contest or a venue for unsolicited critiques this first foremost and finally for fun so have fun.