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You Draw Episode 2 : Yuno Gasai

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End Results are HERE.

The Vote is in! And the Winner has been decided, the vote was a close one with Sonic and Solid Snake being only a single vote behind the winner( At  the time the Vote Ended ).

The winner of course is Yuno Gasai!


Now, the rules are same as the last You Draws and you can view them below-


1 -The end date will be two Wednesdays from today.
2 -You can draw the character in any style or fashion you want.
3 -No visible nudity.
4 -You do not have to take any more time or expend more effort than would amuse you.
5 -As long as you draw the character any other flourishes you want are allowed ,other characters,  an environment whatever as long as the pertain to its own series.
6 -Picture can be full body or just a face.
7 -Friends, family, significant others and site guests are welcome to participate.
8 -This is not a contest or a venue for unsolicited critiques this first foremost and finally for fun so have fun.-


Below are some screenshots of the winner Yuno Gasai. Hopefully these can help give you some inspiration.

To Submit your picture, you can simply drop a comment with a link in the comment section below, or you can go to Speakout and leave it there for one of us to put into the submission forum( or drop it there directly yourself)-

Just remember to have fun!

Below you can view a map of where the voting took place, as you can see it was primarily English speaking countries. report