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Confirmed: Final Fantasy XV Delayed to November 29th to Avoid Day-One Patch

I can't even be mad...

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Hajime Tabata has confirmed Final Fantasy XV is being delayed, but not to simply make more time for improvements but to also avoid having the infamous day one patch for the game, which people with slow or no internet connection may not get.

Day one patches are a common thing now days and often the source of criticism from gamers who just want to buy their new game and play it rather than wait possibly hours for a large day-one patch.

While some gamers may feel disappointment at waiting longer for release, others can perhaps take comfort that their launch day pick-up will be a game that works out of the box. I for one am happy to have more time to save money and buy a PS4 before launch… and on Black Friday.

This isn’t to say that there are no plans to release more patches for Final Fantasy XV, Tabata says  he has plans for patches and DLC for online users in the future.

So, can you even be mad with how formal this video is? Are you happy the game is being delayed to avoid a big day-one patch? Let us know below.