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The Long Road to Kingdom Hearts III

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From the second it was announced, Kingdom Hearts was met with skepticism and confusion, something it had rightfully earned. The merger of Final Fantasy and Disney was a combo that no one had asked for, and few had likely thought of it.

Nevertheless, somehow, the Kingdom Hearts series won the hearts of Disney fans and Final Fantasy fans alike. The games’ crazy story and lovable characters quickly carved their place in the hearts of millions of fans across the world.

Now, sixteen years since the first title was released, we are finally going to get the third numbered entry in the series, of course being … Kingdom hearts 3

With Kingdom Hearts III less than a month away, now is a good time to look back at the franchise and at the memories that brought us here.

Now, let us begin.

Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts

  • Japan-March 28, 2002
  • North America-September 17, 2002

Kingdom Hearts follows Sora and his adventures after his home is destroyed by the Heartless. Through his journey he meets characters from Final Fantasy installments and Disney franchises alike while trying to find his lost friends and save his world.

Kingdom Hearts was the birth of the franchise and where the story of Sora and his friends begins. To this day Kingdom Hearts 1  holds a special place in the hearts of millions of fans.

Kingdom Hearts 2Kingdom Hearts II

  • Japan-December 22, 2005
  • North America-March 28, 2006

Kingdom Hearts II is a fantastic continuation to Kingdom Hearts 1—sure, we got ripped out of being able to fight half of the evil Organization XIII, but the game still ended up being really fun and full of content. Even if we lost out on a  lot of story thanks to Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, the intro to Kingdom Hearts II does give us a quick glimpse of what happened during that journey in Castle Oblivion and the reasons for this entry’s own unexpected opening.

Kingdom Hearts II is where the story of Kingdom Hearts starts to get a bit weird and confusing for some people, but for those who invest the time and effort, the story and lore is actually deep.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by SleepKingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

  • Japan-January 9, 2010
  • North America-September 7, 2010

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep takes us back into the history of the Kingdom Hearts universe. The game follows Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. Each of the characters has their own campaign, and you get to see the different worlds through each of their perspectives. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is where the story of Kingdom Hearts truly began.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Kingdom Hearts DDD

  • Japan-March 29, 2012
  • North America-July 31, 2012

Kingdom Hearts 3D is the latest installment that came out on the 3DS. Many series entries released on handhelds were unnumbered.

Dream Drop Distance takes you on a journey where you play both Sora and Riku. The story is about the duo trying to become true Keyblade Masters. While the combat in the game was gorgeous, the story was almost nowhere to be seen until the very end of the game. But when you get the chance to learn the story of the game, it made you get excited for Kingdom Hearts III.


Utada Hikaru

Utada Hikaru has only made two songs, Simple and Clean and Sanctuary. Both those songs are a big hit to every Kingdom Hearts fan. Unfortunately, due to some issues between Utada Hikaru and Disney, there hasn’t been a new song since Sanctuary. That is why we have been getting many remix versions of Simple and Clean in many installments of the games.

Though in great news, in Kingdom Hearts III, we find out that Utada Hikaru has come back to make a new song. Unfortunately though, Utada Hikaru’s newest song, Face my Fears, features Skrillex and is honestly not the best. Who knows, it may grow on us.

13 Darkness and 7 light, this is where our new journey begins

This brings us to where we stand now. Having waited for over twelve years since Kingdom Hearts II and five years since Kingdom Hearts III was announced, the newest entry is finally going to be in our hands.  To say this is surreal is an understatement, but here we are.

Almost there.

Kingdom Hearts through the yearsArticle Credit to:ThymesTicking,Dracosummoner,KingKellogg and _F