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The Best Christmas PlayStation 4 Christmas Themes

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With the Christmas Season  being upon us, it is always nice to surround ourselves in awesome  Christmas themed things! SO of course, here I am to share the best Christmas themes for the PS4!

Check them all out below-

Christmas Tree Dynamic Theme

this theme features a beautiful shining ornament, accompanied by some nice classic Christmas music.

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Santa Hide N’ Seek Dynamic Theme

In this theme I have not found Santa, but I still love it! It is simply a stylized room decorated for Christmas with some simple but pleasing music.

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Christmas Pop-up Book Dynamic Theme

This theme is pretty good for younger folk, or people who just like the old pop up book aesthetic it has.

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Christmas Cottage Holiday Dynamic Theme by Truant Pixel

A true classic theme, this one changes as the time  draws closer to Christmas, it is nice and peaceful. Also comes with a strange and catchy tune.

playstation store

Minefield: Christmas Night Snowfall Dynamic Theme

This one is simple, but still awesome. It is just a lamppost and some branches with snow falling. Nothing fancy, but just pleasant to look at.

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