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[5 Minute Reviews] Dragon Ball Super: Broly

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DragonBall Super is back to theaters,this time Broly is here and now he is canon. The new film DragomBall Super Broly is actually wrote by Akira Toriyama himself,and it is pretty awesome. Check out the review below-


Dragon Ball Super: Broly’s story retells the story of Bardock an a quick abridged form. It was, sadly, not as amazing as the original Bardock short, but luckily that is my only real complaint about the film’s story. The writing is fantastic, and the characters feel more like themselves than they have since Dragon Ball Z. The humour is perfectly timed, and the drama is well done. Nothing in this movie feels awkward or forced, and luckily the strange out-of-place silly humor of Dragon Ball Super itself is nowhere to be seen.


I am honestly not sure how to describe the pure visual insanity of this movie. Dragon Ball Super: Broly has the best super powered fights I have ever seen in anime. The art is sharp and well done from beginning to end; there are a few moments of computer-generated imagery, but they are brief and easily excused.

I honestly cannot praise the fights enough—they are simply a wonder to see on a giant screen. If you can see it in theaters, do it.


I was lucky enough to see the dubbed version of the movie and am happy to say that the voice actors brought their A-game. They pull off every emotion and scene to near-perfection without exception. The characters all retain their good ol’ Dragon Ball charm.

The music in this movie is the best that Dragon Ball has ever had. It is unique with some bits reminiscent of Akira and even Godzilla. On top of sounding interesting, the music is used excellently to elevate the scenes and moments to new heights.

To put it shortly, the film’s sound design is excellent. Also, expect a lot of yelling.

All Together

In the end, the movie is just dang good. It blew my expectations away and left me wanting more Dragon Ball. Between the fantastic writing, amazing action, and hilarious humor, this movie is definitely a must-see.Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Click here to see the good ol’ trailer.