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YouDraw: Persona 5 Results Page

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With the game having just came out the community decided to come together to draw characters from Persona 5. Now this Youdraw is over, but if you still want to add a submission feel free to in the comment section below. Now feel free to check out our results below- Check out the rules to […]

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YouDraw: Most Anticipated Result Page!

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So here we are, a few months into the new year.  This Youdraw marks the beginning of the second season of Youdraws and the first of the year! For you who don’t know, YouDraws are where are community comes together to draw a character, or something from a them. This episode was ‘Most anticipated’. Below […]

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YouDraw: Character Of The Year Entry Zone

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The new You draw is coming up! This one’s theme is Character of the year. Simply choose the character you think was best of this year, if you think there are multiple worthy of the title, well do multiple! You can choose from Video Games, anime, movies or whatever as long as it is from this […]

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A Christmas YouDraw

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This special Christmas You draw is in! Just down below you can view our festive entries! Thanks for stopping by, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ! Feel Inspired to draw one? Feel free to add it in the comments below- In case you missed the Other Episodes- Episode 1-Hank Hill Episode 2-Yuno Gasai Episode 3-Zodd The […]

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Games That Shouldn’t Have Been Forgotten: Ehrgeiz The True Final Fantasy Fighter

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Developed by DreamFactory who’s chairmen is Seiichi Ishii. Ishii is an industry veteran who served as an early designer and director for two legendary fighting game franchises: Virtua Fighter and the ever popular Tekken. With characters being designed by my favorite game artist,Tetsuya Nomura. The story is your typical fighting game story,there’s a world tournament […]

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You Draw Episode 3: Zodd The Immortal

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Update:This YouDraws Results Are In!Click this Link to see them. So here we are, Episode 3. This time around we have the beastly Apostle Zodd The Immortal From Berserk. For inspiration you can view pictures of him below. You can draw him in either form as well. Check below for the rules. This little activity […]

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