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With Red Dead Redemption 2 Delayed Who Can Stop Zelda From Scooping All the Awards?

Can anyone cause an upset?

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97 on Metacritic, 97! The Last of Us got 95 and that became the most awarded game of all time. With that in mind I think we can all agree that Breath of the Wild is hot favourite to scoop up the lion’s share of GOTY awards. Many, myself included, thought Red Dead Redemption 2 […]

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My theory about what the Nintendo NX is going to be

Handheld? Home? Both?

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Have you heard the rumor of the day? The known-to-exist-but-still-shrouded-in-secrecy Nintendo NX is going to be a hybrid handheld and home console in one! Well, that’s certainly the way it seems with the popular rumors going around. In fact, comments from Ubisoft and The Pokémon Company seem to corroborate the idea that the NX is […]

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Intro to “Tackling My Backlog”

One lifelong gamer's quest to finally play through all of those games that he's purchased

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Hello. My online persona is “Ryuuga Hideki” and I have a problem… I have bought way too many video games, making my backlog truly frightening. They say the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem and, well, with some 500 games in my Steam library alone – never mind my ever-growing […]

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Fan-Made Twilight Princess Mod Looks Better Than the Official Re-Release Version

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In the modern era of Consoles “HD” re-releases of games are now a common thing. Most the re-releases have a decent or at least passable amount of work done with them, and the visuals are usually decently improved. But with some, the game makes almost no improvement and instead we are gave a poorly done port that […]

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Keep Your Most Important 2016 Video Game Releases in Mind with These Desktop Wallpapers (Part 2)

Get high off the torture. I mean hype.

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This time around we have a few games (okay a lot) we can’t be certain are coming out this year but we will damn well hope! Regardless here’s the best images I could find for you to torture yourself with, and if you missed part 1 some of the games you may not see here will be […]

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