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Intro to “Tackling My Backlog”

One lifelong gamer's quest to finally play through all of those games that he's purchased

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Hello. My online persona is “Ryuuga Hideki” and I have a problem… I have bought way too many video games, making my backlog truly frightening. They say the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem and, well, with some 500 games in my Steam library alone – never mind my ever-growing […]

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The Petition for a Dreamcast 2 Has Reached Over 20,000 Signatures, Now Has Website

Dare to Dream...

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In my casual internet browsing I came across a Japanese article on twitter accompanied by some strange console device with Sega on it. Turns out 2 years ago people started a petition to get a Dreamcast 2 made and released. Progress has been slow up until 3 weeks ago in which a post on a Shenmue fan site helped bump it […]

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Scared Silly

The tiny, little things that you were once afraid of.

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Fright is weird. Some of the things people find scary are weird. Like candles, clowns or cows. But little kids (and some adults) find the oddest aspects of something to be afraid of. With it being Halloween eve, I thought it would be fun to share ridiculous aspects of games, shows, what have you that […]

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