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Keep Your Most Important 2016 Video Game Releases in Mind with These Desktop Wallpapers (Part 2)

Get high off the torture. I mean hype.

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This time around we have a few games (okay a lot) we can’t be certain are coming out this year but we will damn well hope!

Regardless here’s the best images I could find for you to torture yourself with, and if you missed part 1 some of the games you may not see here will be there! But we still have many more parts to go so keep an eye out for these!

Once again to save each image you can either click them then right-click and select “save image”, or right-click the thumb and select “save link as”. Enjoy.

Dishonored II (PC, PS4, XBO)

While there’s very little info on this game, I found the design in the trailer exquisite. I’m always eager for more stylized character and environment designs, more so on the current gen of consoles. It’s likely (okay maybe definitely) a futile dream to hope the game actually looks this good visually. But I’ll be staring into the eye of this porcelain death robot hoping it does anyway.


Doom 4 (PC, PS4, XBO)

Revealed with a lot of hype, a lot of gore, and more cheering at said gore. Doom 4 is set to release at some point this year. So while you wait, here’s some wall papers from hell to satiate your blood-lust. Or, more likely just make you more hungry now that I think about it. Aw well.

Dragon Quest XI (PS4, XBO, NX, 3DS)

The number of Dragon Quest games is now reaching the high numbers of Final Fantasy with Dragon Quest XI due to come out some time this year in Japan. The most we’ve seen of this game is the screenshots below and this “gameplay demo” which just has them running around, “Weeee *cough*”.

It appears to be a traditional RPG in all respects, with it visuals having a glorious mix of what appears to be a combinations of modern physically based shaders and hand painted textures.  Color me interested.

Oh hey, turns out it was announced for that new Nintendo console too, hmmmmmm.

Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4, XBO)

A game that’s got every fan all excited, worried, in awe, and frustrated cause its potential is just so huge. This game wouldn’t be on this list if not for its episodic releases. We don’t exactly know how big each part is, or how many parts there will be. And it doesn’t seem like a huge ambitious title like Final Fantasy XV considering it’s not using Luminous Engine, and many aspects of the gameplay seem to be well in development. Though they are touting faithfulness to the source, scale and detail as the reason for the game needing to be in parts.

Yet after what we saw last year this game could come sooner than we expect, it to me seemed well on its way. All that said I could only find one quality image, but if you have more post them in the comments below. Meanwhile I’ll dream of getting that first taste of a Sephiroth boss on current gen consoles, and futilely hope for a PC release on the off-chance I still don’t have one.


Gears 4 (XBO, PC)

This one…I honestly didn’t even know existed. It also doesn’t seem to feature the previous games cast, not that I’ve played much of the previous games beyond the first one to really know. Before i make my self seem even more useless, OH HEY THERE’S A GAMEPLAY TRAILER TOO! WHAT?

The game is said to be set to launch Fall 2016, and GameSpot said there will be a Multiplayer Beta in spring for people who bought the Gears Ultimate Edition first. So chew on these till then.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (PS4, XBO, PC)

A game I respect for its style and apparent interest on getting rid of the gold filter that dominated the last game. We now have blue.

Joking aside, this game got a lot of attention they didn’t ask for, from stupid people at its announcement over its use of a Modern History book. Or more specifically its use of the term Apartheid. Cause apparently video games aren’t ready to have a story draw real world parallels to its lore.

That said, various people on the team stuck to their guns. And I should be talking about their game not this BS…uh…


The release date is set to be August 23rd this year. Enjoy some gorgeous concept art, and screenshots while you wait to experience cyborg segregation.

Hitman (PS4, XBO, PC)

Another game on this list releasing in parts, the first part coming out March 11th.

I’ve never played a Hitman game…I’m sorry for being useless.

Whether you get each episode or wait for the inevitable pack at a discount some time down the line. You can use these images below to help you think about the possibilities for your next assassination.


So prehistoric settings are a big thing this year but Horizon is a game already ahead of the curve on that mess. ROBOT DINOSAURS.

Like, WHY? HOW? But god does this game look plain glorious.

I really don’t have much to say about this game, just salivate over these screens and ponder how the hell this happened. And maybe consider, do robot dinosaurs mate?

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