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Nobody Is Talking About The Best Part of The London Heist

The Best Part of PlayStation VR Worlds

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PlayStation VR Worlds got a bit of flak for it’s €40 price tag. A few people argued that it should have came free with every PSVR unit, I’m not gonna say those people are right or wrong but if there is any part of VR Worlds that attempts to justify that price tag it’s got to be The London Heist. Most reviewers seemed to agree that London Heist was the best part too but not many of them seemed to pay much heed to the ‘Mickie’s Shooting Range’ mode, instead focusing on the short story mode.

Mickie’s Shooting Range is a very simple mode and I suppose it is easy to overlook. Basically there are 4 shooting ranges to choose from (there’s 8 in the list but half are the same ones but with aim assist on, meaning laser sight), the first is pretty standard with one handgun, the next has you dual wielding Uzis while you shoot at flying tyres, after that it gets spooky as you’re placed in a dark room and must shoot the ‘creepy’ mannequins but only when they are lit up, finally there’s a pretty tricky one that has you shooting coloured paint cans into their respective bins whilst also shooting your standard targets. Check out the attempt at commentary I made below on the ‘spooky’ stage for a better idea. Keep in mind what I see in the headset is better looking than what the PS4’s share button can show.

Don’t know if you can tell but I’ve been enjoying this mode a lot, there’s a hook in trying to get better and better and climb those leaderboards which has been adding quite a bit of replayability to the game for me.

So, if you’ve got a PSVR and are sitting on the fence on grabbing VR Worlds then I recommend it, even if you wanna wait for it to go on sale just keep it in mind as it’s up there with Batman and RIGS as one of the best experiences you can get on it. If you’re sitting on the fence on the PSVR headset itself then this alone won’t sell you on it, or at least shouldn’t, but it’s part of a bigger lineup that might.