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Games That Shouldn’t Have Been Forgotten: Ehrgeiz The True Final Fantasy Fighter

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Developed by DreamFactory who’s chairmen is Seiichi Ishii. Ishii is an industry veteran who served as an early designer and director for two legendary fighting game franchises: Virtua Fighter and the ever popular Tekken. With characters being designed by my favorite game artist,Tetsuya Nomura. The story is your typical fighting game story,there’s a world tournament […]

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You Draw Episode 3: Zodd The Immortal

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Update:This YouDraws Results Are In!Click this Link to see them. So here we are, Episode 3. This time around we have the beastly Apostle Zodd The Immortal From Berserk. For inspiration you can view pictures of him below. You can draw him in either form as well. Check below for the rules. This little activity […]

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You Draw Episode 3: The POLL

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This Poll Has Ended! Follow this link to the winner!   Halloween is nearly upon us, and with that our Next You draw is getting started. But first we must find a character! Since Halloween is coming this You Draw will be a special one, this one will be Halloween Themed! Below in the Poll you […]

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