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Sidearc Character Of The Year:You Draw Results

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The year ends special You draw is over. Before we set the next one up, lets check out all the art our community has created for ‘Character of the year’. Below you can view peoples choices for the best characters of the year. The choices range from games, anime, comics to manga.

Did your choice character not make it? Or want to add a late entry, just drop by the comment section and tell us.

In case you missed the Other Episodes-

Here are some of the runners-up

  • Jacob Kellogg

    So awesome seeing everyone improve their art!

    :D Thanks for all the entries! And of course, I am always open to critiques if you are willing.

    • AmberAdoraeble

      Thank you for putting this together! I absolutely love the entries for this YouDraw; especially your Final Fantasy picture!! <3

      • Jacob Kellogg

        Thank you!

        New one will be up in a few days.

  • Jacob Kellogg

    Mine looks odd unless you expand it…huh

    • Btw I updated my image, after I posted it here on the previous thread I realized I forgot to sharpen it and the one I posted everywhere else is the sharpened version XD

      • Jacob Kellogg


  • Leon Evelake

    For some reason I could not get the steve dillon style lips on there right…they look like they were just dropped on

    • Jacob Kellogg

      His lips are odd to make.

      • Leon Evelake

        yeha and i was sick and tired but still they dont curve with his face there

  • Dub-Sempar Pa

    Why is the purple man bleeding. And who are these people. Only one I know is Nathan drake. You need to put names on them

    • Leon Evelake

      Name may be a good idea on this type of you draw

      My Three Were Dr Doom (marvel comics), Speedwagon (jojos bizzare adventure) and allmight (my hero academia)
      As well as some runner sup sketches including a half finished thanos (marvel) , a steve diooln style punisher but i was tired and sick and it looks waaayyy off (marvel) and Saitama from One punchman

      the girl with the hearts it Tomoko form watamote the bleeding purple guy is the chancellor from final fantasy 15., the guy playing pool is sakamoto from haven’t you heard im sakamoto and the gal is aranea highwind from final fantasy 15

    • TimesTicking

      I’m somewhat happy you recognized Nathan Drake XD

    • Jacob Kellogg

      I’ll update it in the morning.

  • TimesTicking

    That Ardyn, holy eff that’s amazing!
    Definitely like everyone’s work :D
    Kinda wish I did Saitama but oh well, maybe next time.

    • Jacob Kellogg

      Seriously..Wolf blew this out of the park :|

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