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Arc System Works Reveals Blazblue Cross Tag Battle

Arc System Works shows you what it means

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Arc System Works, the company behind quite a number of fighting games and most of them well known, has been going around proving that the “Work” part of their name isn’t just for show. Just around last week they revealed that they have been working (ha!) on a new fighting game featuring the Dragonball franchise. People exploded […]

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Nier:Automata Review

Another Masterpiece

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Square Enix, they are one of the leading companies in JRPGs. Lately, they have been veering more into action RPGs. Also well known for their unique flair for action in their cutscenes and movies. Yoko Taro, known for the Drakengard and the Nier series, which in turn was also published by Square Enix themselves. The two series, while quite […]

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