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Demon Souls, One Last Run Through Boletaria

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In case you missed the sad news, Demon Souls will be losing its online functions as of February 28th 2017.

Meaning, if you never had the chance to play Demon Souls, now is the best time to do it. Of course you still could afterward, but you would be missing out on so much of the fun.

Myself, I will be starting my final true run through shortly. This is a sad day for many gamers as Demons Souls is a truly wonderful title which has meant a lot to many and is the beginning of the Souls Franchise.

A small bit of Demons Souls and its Legacy-

Demons Souls Released February 5th, 2009 the game had next to nothing in terms of advertising or widespread coverage. Yet somehow it would eventually manage to sell 1.83 million copies worldwide from Word of mouth alone. To put it simply, the people played the game loved it. It was a breath of fresh air at the time, and people wanted more.  While the game never got the credit it deserved, the sequel Dark Souls did despite doing little more than jumping to multiplatform. From there we were to get even more Dark Souls with 2 and later 3, and of course we got the Lovecraftian BloodBorne as well.

Those titles are just the ones that are made by the same team as a sort of series. Beyond this there are a horrifying amount of games that have taken inspiration from the Souls franchise. Which in and of itself is a meme. ( the Dark souls of —–)

A particular aspect of the Demons Souls that has been stolen and altered endlessly now is the games ingenious multiplayer. Within the games locals you are able to be invaded at random by other players. They can come and go as they please, and likewise you can summon your friends to help as well. This  feature was near unheard of at the time and led to some of the most intense and enjoyable moments I have had in gaming.

This is all such a small part of the game, I haven’t even gone into the games great combat, deep lore filled world or its disturbing and haunting atmosphere. There is so much to talk about when it comes to this game that I could literally ramble on for hours. So instead I will end it shortly by saying that you need to play this game. Demons souls was a revolutionary title that changed gaming in a big way.

Even though its long journey is coming to an end, we can always look back and remember how amazing this game was and will continue to be. Now I must go as I rip my way through Boletaria one last time.