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Interview:A Fan Shows us What A Final Fantasy IX Remake Could Look Like.

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An amazing user over on PolyCount named Praesidenter has recreated the Theater District of Lindblum  from Final Fantasy IX. This amazing showcase gives us a glimpse of how amazing a remake of Final Fantasy IX could look if Square where to go and remake it.  So of course, I had to reach out to the artist and see what made them make this beautiful art!

Below you can find the artist social media links, so make sure to check those out and follow them. If you are wanting to see how everything was created click this link. And below the amazing showcase Praesidenter  shared you can find a brief interview with them. So check that out!

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So what inspired you to start it?
When it came out, Final Fantasy 9 was the first game I played that had a story I really liked and that really impacted me. This in combination with the fact, that Squaresoft apparently lost the original high resolution background art from that game sparked the idea of doing some sort of remaster of one area of that game. I was more curious how it would look than convinced that it would be an improvement, but in the end, I’m quite happy with the result and also the reception it got.

Why that area in particular from the game? 
The city of Lindblum is in my opinion one of the most beautiful cities in games. I just loved walking around in it and talk to its inhabitants. There are few places like this I think.
Also, the particular area I did isn’t the largest scene, so I thought the scope would be fine for a personal project. In the end it took me over a year, but there were long periods of time in that year where I didn’t touch the project.

What do you plan on creating next?
I think there won’t be any more remasters of Final Fantasy scenes from me, at least not in the near future. I’m currently working on a small game with a friend and besides that I still do other side projects here and there. Following me on twitter is a good way to see what I’ll do next.


While  a Final Fantasy IX Remake has not been confirmed, there is always hope as Square No doubt would love the money, and we would love to spend it.