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Berserk (2016) Episode 12 -Those Who Cling, Those Who Struggle

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So here we are, the end of this short season.  The last few episodes of Berserk have been pretty fun to watch, no where near perfect but I still managed to enjoy them overall. But will its end be worthy of bringing us back for the next season? Find out below-

The Story as it comes to its end.

Izan..Ison?IdkOk, so here we are. This is the most important episode of the series. This episode brings many changes to the Berserk world.  Luckily for us the most important parts of the story are actually well handled. Perhaps a bit trippy but they weren’t glazed over to quickly.

The problem that comes again is with the gags. They do take you out of the series, they are just entirely out of place and awkward. But as a whole the episode was well handled.

The Visuals

As for the usual, the visuals are extremely inconsistent. There are many shots in the series where they put CG and hand drawn animation within the same shot. This is painfully awkward and takes you out of the show. This is not the only thing that takes you out of the moment. The visual gags persist in this episode as well, they are a bad problem. They completely ruin visual consistency.

zodd berserk 2016Things arent all bad, this episode introduces and shows some new( to this series) characters, and they are much better looking than the other awkward CG characters. Along with these characters there was some amazing and creepy shots. This all brings up the problem of all of the visuals looking weird and inconsistent.

The Sounds

Honestly there is very little to say about the sound this time around. We maintained pretty much the exact same quality as before with exception of only the music. This episode had some moments of amazing music choice which added to the scenes in amazing ways.

After The Struggle is over

maxresdefaultAfter I finished this episode I will admit I wanted more. I know I should be more afraid of it becoming like the beginning of the series. But in the end, I enjoyed this episode and the last few. Thanks to this episodes good pacing and the well handled important moments I have become more hopeful for what the rest of the eventual series could become.

After all and said and done, this Berserk series was not perfect. Heck some was unbearable, but after it is all done I kind of still want more-

-See you next season in Spring 2017-