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Dragon Quest XI Gets Box Art and First Release Date

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We have been hearing about Dragon Quest XI  for what feels like an etrinity. Now we have a release date! Sure the date is only for Japan, but hey it is something. Dragon Quest XI releases in Japan for PS4 and 3DS on July 29th.

Here is the official Boxart for both versions as well.

Sasume gaming also uploaded a ton of new footage. Check that below-

Below you can read a small bit of info on the games story-

“The protagonist, who grew up in the calm village of Ishi, turned 16 years old and took part in a coming-of-age ceremony as a village custom. As the reincarnation of the “Hero” that once saved the world, he understands that he is burdened with a great mission. To learn about the Hero and the Hero’s mission, he sets off on a journey from his hometown.”-Gematsu