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The World Ends With You Reemerges at Long Last

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The World Ends With You is a deeply loved game. It has a hugely loyal fanbase that has not diminished since the games long past release. For too long the game lay  dormant with nothing but some mobile ports and small words. But now, now The World Ends With You  is coming back. Though only as […]

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Tiger&Bunny To Receive New Animated Project

Prepare the hype now please.

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It has finally happened, Tiger&Bunny is getting a new animated project. It has been a while since we had any real news on Tiger&Bunny, last we heard was the writer being announced for the Hollywood live action movie from Ron Howard. But now we know, the Tiger&Bunny anime is not dead. Below you can see the […]

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The Best of The Year Discussion and Vote

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Well the years end is running into as at breakneck speeds. So of course comes the time for the end of year roundup articles. That of course also brings the game of the year polls ( see below) Unlike most, we arent going to simply let staff just choose the best. We want you, the community […]

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The Best Snowy Games For the Winter Season

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Throughout my entire life I loved snow, and of course when it came to games I loved the snow in them as well. Sadly though, not many used snow to a great extent or even any really. But there are a few great examples of snow in games. So below, you can find some examples […]

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Anime For Your Christmas Needs

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Christmas Anime Here we are, Christmas time. so with that Sidearc is here to help bring some Holiday content for you. Below you can find some of the best Christmas episodes of animated show we could find. Bonus included is some Western animation too. Lupin The Third Part II Episode 64 Christmas at Tiffany’s While on […]

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Have A Very Berserk Christmas

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It’s that time of the year again, it is time for a Berserk Christmas. May this horrid and disturbed tradition never die. Now go down there and watch the video. It is Christmas time after all, and really what says Christmas more than Berserk?   -With that in mind enjoy- To all the Berserk fans […]

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[Reviews] Movie Review: Star Wars—The Last Jedi

An unusual director brings one of the series' best (and most overcrowded) installments to date.

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That’s how you move a story forward. I was apprehensive about Rian Johnson directing a major installment in one of Western cinema’s most iconic franchises (I had issues with Looper), but I needn’t have worried—despite sometimes packing in more stories and ideas than it can give careful attention to, The Last Jedi solidly improves on […]

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Still wanting to defend Net Neutrality? Here are some options.

Don't give up hope yet—the fight to save the open Internet isn't over.

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If you’ve been following the Net Neutrality controversy, to decide whether large corporate ISPs can selectively throttle or restrict otherwise legal Internet traffic (Facebook, Netflix) to those unwilling or unable to pay extra, you may have heard about the Federal Communications Commission voting in a 3-2 divide to repeal regulations ensuring this neutrality, with Commissioners […]

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