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Have a Very Merry Berserk Christmas 2022

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Its that time of year again! Time to Have a Very Merry Berserk Christmas!As for why, I still dont quite know why Ive been mixing Berserk and Christmas, but after so long it just wouldnt be Christmas without it! 

Now go down there and watch the video. It is Christmas time after all, and really what says Christmas more than Berserk? Nothing, nothing says Christmas more than Berserk-me like years ago or something

May a Berserk Christmas Never die Oh look a great Christmas gift! 


More, because there has to be more

In case you missed it, feel free to check out our recommended anime for this strange and fun Holiday season. While berserk is missing there area few that might scratch that strange itch your sick and twisted sense of humor needs ( see Golgo 13 Christmas episode)

And of course if you’re feeling talkative feel free to stop by speakout and say hello! There you can talk about games, anime, computers and anything nerdy really.

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