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Berserk 2017 City Of Humans Review

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So Here we are, at the end of Berserk 2017. The journey was long and weird. But at least we can rest now. Check out the review below, and don’t forget to comment,

Humour moments are horrid harring and out of place. spend too much time on humour. Action is lackluster. aniamtion is awkward and sloppy.


End scene is gorgeous. and better directed than the rest.

All in all-


Ok, this is he end, but the thing is..It does not feel like it at all, this felt like any other random episode. It had no real sense of conclusion. I find it strange the episode they chose to end on was one that basically bridges the arcs together rather than ending with a large event or something.

Now on to the other aspects. The direction in this episode like many others is plain awkward and inconsistent. There is no real direction to the series tone and it feels random and painful to watch with all the awkward humor rammed in there at random times. Due to this I cant really get into the show as I can with other shows that use humor appropriately.

Beyond direction the gags are also just annoyingly forced into the visuals. they look freakish and are often stiff. Well, stiffer than the already stiff animation. This just serves to annoy me. The action in this episode is ok, but as always the expressions and models look very lifeless. This is especially evident with the new antagonist that is introduced. His appearance is horrifyingly strange. But that is not a good thing in this case.

Now, there was some ok moments in this episode. But there was one thing that people can’t stop talking about, and with good reason. That of course was the ending.

The ending of the episode was all hand drawn, and gorgeous. The direction was better, the jokes were more subtle and better handled. Everything in the ending was far superior to the rest of the episode. It was jarring and strange. This made some mad, made others happy. But for me it made me confused. It left me wondering  if the animators did this as a form of apology? Or perhaps a way of saying that they could do better with time and budget. But in any case, it was a nice moment after all of the other many awkward ones.

In the end, the episode largely leaves no good impression beyond the end scene. But that is sort of how this series has been the whole time. It was a rushed odd mess. It needed far more time and budget to work better. Maybe some day we can get a full true adaptation.