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Analogue and 8Bitdo Give NES the Bluetooth I Never Knew It Needed

I Beat Super Mario Bros. 2 over Bluetooth, and You Can, Too

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The Xbox 360 improved the quality of my console life in two notable ways. Firstly, I absolutely love having all my console games loaded right on the system at any given time. Playing Adventures of Lolo but having to get up and walk over to the NES to switch it out for some Kickle Cubicle? […]

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Games Republic Closing Soon

Polish Game Retailer to Close Shop

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Games Republic is reminding customers that they have one week left to download or validate codes purchased from its digital store. The Polish game developer 11 bit studios which founded the site in 2014 recently decided to shutter its retail operations. After January 31, 2017, users will no longer have access to their accounts or […]

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Rocket League Update Brings Hoop Dreams

Pack Your Aerials: Basketball Comes to Rocket League

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Teased just a couple of weeks ago, the basketball update had all the makings of an April Fool’s joke. Sure, Rocket League already expanded to include ice hockey via its “Snow Day” bonus mode, but that was just a matter of taking the existing soccer-based games and turning the ball into a puck. Yet, here […]

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PlayStation Portable Losing Store Access March 31st

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The current Flash Sale, offering a number of PlayStation Portable (PSP) original and compatible PlayStation games, is a good chance to remind people that they only have a little over a week to access the store from their PSP device. Sony announced late last year that it would be shuttering PlayStation Portable (PSP) support for […]

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