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Games Republic Closing Soon

Polish Game Retailer to Close Shop

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Games Republic is reminding customers that they have one week left to download or validate codes purchased from its digital store. The Polish game developer 11 bit studios which founded the site in 2014 recently decided to shutter its retail operations. After January 31, 2017, users will no longer have access to their accounts or game libraries.

Games Republic Notice

Game Republic accounts already had their buying privileges revoked. Accounts will only remain accessible for the remainder of the month. Everything purchased from Games Republic and already redeemed will still continue to function after the store’s closing.

Chances are you probably already redeemed any purchased codes on Steam, but it’s worth checking out to be safe. I could not recall buying any game from Games Republic but saw it was where I picked up LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Who knew? I imagine it’s difficult for any independent digital retailer to gain much traction against the likes of Steam or existing outfits such as GameStop or Humble Bundle.

The developer, 11 bit studios, is best known for the Anomaly series and This War of Mine. This closing only affects the game store and not the studio itself. E-mails sent out by 11 bit studios notes that anyone who pre-ordered its upcoming games will receive redemption codes in a separate e-mail once the games ship.