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Rocket League Update Brings Hoop Dreams

Pack Your Aerials: Basketball Comes to Rocket League

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Teased just a couple of weeks ago, the basketball update had all the makings of an April Fool’s joke. Sure, Rocket League already expanded to include ice hockey via its “Snow Day” bonus mode, but that was just a matter of taking the existing soccer-based games and turning the ball into a puck. Yet, here comes Psyonix with its just launched Hoops Trailer to showcase what will soon be possible in this new, free update to Rocket League.

The floating goals are a pretty big change for the game, highlighting the need for some aerial skills and ball control in order to score or goaltend as the case may be. It’s great to see a developer consistently supporting its game with free updates. I pretty much live and breathe Snow Day as it is — I was part of the angry mob which encouraged Psyonix to make it a year-round thing — so I’m particularly excited about this new gameplay mode.

This update will be available April 26th along with the NBA DLC featured in the Hoops trailer. No pricing yet on the NBA DLC which will allow players to customize their cars with an antenna flag of their favorite NBA team.