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Did you ever wonder what Final Fantasy 8s Ifrit Would Look Like With Fabulous Hair, Now We Know

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Youtube user and Unreal Develepor ANDREW LEY CONCEPTS has made something extremely intriguing, this of course being the video of Ifrit below which shows of that beautiful beasty in Unreal Engine 4 using Nvidia Hairworks. The results are actually quite impressive to see. Check it out below- Don’t forget to like and share his video!

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New ‘Valkyria: Azure Revolution’ First Teaser and Screenshots

Moar Next-Gen Glorious Hand-Painted Textures Please and Thank You

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As one of our users pointed out on SpeakOut a new Valkyria Chronicles game is due out late next year. Thing is it isn’t a sequel but a spin off title. A demo will be included in the PS4 remaster of Valkyria Chronicles in February 10th next year for Japan. The teaser video above doesn’t contain game […]

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