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Tokyo Godfathers Gets 4K Restoration A New Dub and Theater Release

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Out of the blue Gkids and Fathom events announced that  Tokyo Godfathers is to be re-released into theaters subbed and for the first time for most of the world Dubbed. The re-release will also apparently be 4K thanks to a new restoration done by the companies.

First of all I cannot recommend this video enough, it is one of my favorite films and I truly want more people to experience it. If you have the means you really should go and see this film.

Here is the Fathom events and GKIDS description of the Tokyo Godfathers.

In modern-day Tokyo, three homeless people’s lives are changed forever when they discover a baby girl at a garbage dump on Christmas Eve. As the New Year fast approaches, these three forgotten members of society band together to solve the mystery of the abandoned child and the fate of her parents. Along the way, encounters with seemingly unrelated events and people force them to confront their own haunted pasts, as they learn to face their future, together.

TOKYO GODFATHERS, from Satoshi Kon (#PerfectBlue #Paprika), returns to theaters in a new restoration on MAR 9 & 11!

Check the trailer below-

For those who dont know, this movie was made by the legendary director Satoshi Kon. The man responsible for films such as Perfect Blue, Paprika and Millennium Actress. All hugely renowned films that are worthy of praise as well. Sadly Kon passed away some time ago, but this has not stopped his legacy as his movies live on and keep getting new releases to be enjoyed by future generations.

Thanks to DracoSummoner for the heads up.